tim-munden Application Tips

What do our senior leaders have to say?


Tim Munden  – Chief Learning Officer


Please tell us a bit about yourself?

I started in Unilever as a Graduate Trainee in the UK, after having to leave the Army due to an injury. I chose Unilever because of the great training available at the company, and its great values. And it was exactly what I got – a lot of different experiences in very different environments and situations! I have stayed here because of the wide range of things to do, which met my purpose and gave me a variety of opportunities to move around different countries, types of jobs, subject areas.

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cropped-lgoo-1.png Business & Technology Management (BTM)

Our Senior Leaders share the secrets to success!

James Bruce – Executive VP Enterprise Solutions and Information & Analytics

  • Studied Economics at The University of Warwick

James was initially driven by the need to put a roof over his head, coming from a family of small business owners with limited success. His original aim was to work for a large company, gain experience and return the family business to profit.

What has made you stay with Unilever your whole career?

Having not set out with the intention of becoming a ‘lifer’ but new opportunities presented themselves as James excelled in each role he was given. The size of Unilever lends itself to an abundance of opportunity.

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final_annika Research & Development

Working for a company with a clear purpose

Unilever’s sustainable corporate philosophy has inspired me from the very beginning. Working for a company with a clear purpose and a lot of great people motivates me every day.

Annika is completing her UFLP in R&D and is motivated by Unilever’s sustainable business ethics.

What I do is what I believe in.

My name is Annika and I joined the Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) as a Research and Development Trainee in March 2016. My trainee programme takes me to many different places, where I can gain experiences in various categories, job roles and functions. Therein, I gain insights in local, regional and global aspect of the company. Besides project management, current examples from my daily routine are tasting sessions or dealing with specifications, which describe e.g. contents of our products, the way they are produced or the final product labels.

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dorena Business areas

Learn skills necessary for your future!

Hi, I am Dorena and I am a Customer Development Trainee at Unilever. I joined the Unilever Future Leaders Programme in September 2016.

What I like most about the Customer Development UFLP is that you get the chance to dive into different areas of the business – including interfaces such as Trade Management or support functions like Category Management. You also have the opportunity to learn more about Brand Building. The majority of the time, however, you will spend in the Key Account Management. This is a key role in our business, making sure that our products are available to our consumers and being the direct and first contact to our trade partners.

My first rotation of the UFLP was in the German e-Commerce department. The role gave me the great opportunity to Read more “Learn skills necessary for your future!”

abbie Business areas

Function insight into Marketing and Finance!

Megan Chadwick – UFLP Marketing

A little bit about me…

I am from a large, working class family in Gloucester (1 of 7 children). I studied Business & Marketing at Oxford Brookes because this offered an IP year. Even though I achieved 1st grade at university I feared I would not get a place on the UFLP because I did not go to a red brick university.

I have always wanted to work in the FMCG industry and spent my Industrial Placement year at GSK.

What inspired you to apply?

I was inspired by the brands and the gigantic selection. Unilever offers the opportunity to work in a global company, but with the ability to move around.

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knorr-factory International Internship Programme

My first 3 months as a UFLP with Knorr!

Hello, I am Ney and it is not easy to start describing this working experience but I will try to explain my expectations before I got in Unilever, what I have been learning and how working life is..

I applied for this position in supply chain because it has everything I was interested in: working for an international company with one of the most important brands in the world but at the same time with a huge environmental commitment.

The expectations I had were quite high, but when I knew I was accepted for this position I was so excited and looking forward to beginning this adventure.

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persil Business areas

Our biggest product launch in 10 years!

Hi everyone my name is Rachel Rose, I have been working at Unilever for almost 3 months now as an assistant brand manager on the industrial placement scheme. My current role is in local marketing for Persil. Persil is an amazing brand to be working on as it is the No.1 Fabric Cleaning brand in the UK* and one of the biggest within Unilever.

As the first commercially available laundry detergent Persil has been at the forefront of innovation for over a century and this year is not one to disappoint either! Summer 2017 saw the launch of New Persil Powergems, the ultimate laundry detergent from Persil. The revolutionary new gem format took over 10 years of innovation to make and has 20+ patents and pending patents.

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working-from-home International Internship Programme

The perks of working from home

Sometimes working from home, as opposed to what many might believe, can boost the productivity, creativity and work-life balance of an employee!

Did you know that Unilever strongly supports its people to work from home?

Hi! My name is Afrodite and I work for Unilever Greece (Athens offices) as a Marketing Trainee. One reason I really enjoy working here is because of the possibility of working from home.

Working from home doesn’t mean “slacking” or taking the day off, but rather setting the day on your rhythms, avoiding distractions and getting to be productive and work efficient while being you; no outfits, no dress codes, no formalities, just you and your ideas!

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ABM Jolanda Business areas

‘I want to work on baking, cooking and spreads!’

Unilever receives many applications each year from budding graduates and placement students hoping to get a piece of the action in the world of FMCG!

If you are successful in securing a graduate/placement scheme you will be placed in one of our categories… but do you have a preference?

Unilever offers much excitement, learnings and opportunities across all categories so wherever you are placed we guarantee a great and unique experience 😀

Jolanda, a Assistant Brand Manager within the Food Category tells us about her experience…

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Alex Taggart Customer Management (Sales)

How failing helped me succeed at Unilever


I started my second year at University in September 2015 faced with the challenging task of securing a placement for my third year. By November I had applied for over 15 different placements, with a handful of rejections and radio silence from the others. Middle of November came and I started to feel nervous; I was worried I wouldn’t find a placement that would let me achieve what I wanted to achieve – maybe I wouldn’t find one, I remember thinking.

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