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What do our senior leaders have to say?


Tim Munden  – Chief Learning Officer


Please tell us a bit about yourself?

I started in Unilever as a Graduate Trainee in the UK, after having to leave the Army due to an injury. I chose Unilever because of the great training available at the company, and its great values. And it was exactly what I got – a lot of different experiences in very different environments and situations! I have stayed here because of the wide range of things to do, which met my purpose and gave me a variety of opportunities to move around different countries, types of jobs, subject areas.

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Our Senior Leaders share the secrets to success!

James Bruce – Executive VP Enterprise Solutions and Information & Analytics

  • Studied Economics at The University of Warwick

James was initially driven by the need to put a roof over his head, coming from a family of small business owners with limited success. His original aim was to work for a large company, gain experience and return the family business to profit.

What has made you stay with Unilever your whole career?

Having not set out with the intention of becoming a ‘lifer’ but new opportunities presented themselves as James excelled in each role he was given. The size of Unilever lends itself to an abundance of opportunity.

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Julia Fentem interview Application Tips

Senior leader interview: Julia Fentem, Vice President SEAC

Julia is Head of Unilever’s Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) and has spanned a career within Unilever since 1998. With an academic background in biochemistry and a PhD in toxicology, she has also played a key role in shaping the R&D UFLP and so read about her career so far, tips for being successful on the scheme and maintaining that vital work-life balance: Read more “Senior leader interview: Julia Fentem, Vice President SEAC”

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Enactus and Unilever

In your time at Unilever as a graduate or placement student, you are set your work goals under a framework known as your “3+1’s” which are linked to the Standards of Leadership (you can find out more about here: http://www.unilever.co.uk/careers-jobs/graduates/application-process/).  Typically, the “3” of the goals are on “main role” at Unilever and the “+1” is your chance to support and develop Unilever’s graduate recruitment goals. This could mean being a part of an on-campus team promoting Unilever at a university or managing the onboarding process for the next group of students and graduates to join. From now on, you’ll also have the opportunity to work in developing Unilever’s relationship with Enactus UK.

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Senior Leader Interview: Carol Bosko, Research Director

We caught up with Carol Bosko, Research Director for R&D at out Port Sunlight site to provide some insight into what a career in R&D at Unilever might entail.

What excites you about science and what made you want to go in to science?

Well I first realised I wanted to become a scientist when I saw the very first example of pH change. I was at a science fair and somebody from a very large pharmaceutical company was demonstrating a simple pH indicator. When the colour changed from blue to green I thought it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. I was probably about 5 or 6 years old and it was at that point that science really grabbed my attention.

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100ve Application Tips

Top Things You Should Know About the Unilever Office…

At Unilever our 3 main office locations are in and around London; 100 Victoria Embankment (100VE), Leatherhead and Kingston.  Leatherhead is the head office for the UK & Ireland and 100VE and Kingston are our two global centres.  For those of you who will be joining us this year find below a list of the top things you should know about the Unilever Office Locations, some of them may get you pretty excited!

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14 Reasons Why Grads LOVE Working at Unilever

Hi all,

Apologies in advance for what could be the cheesiest post I have ever written but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day so I’ll work with what I’ve got. It’s short and sweet but here are ’14 Reasons Why Grads LOVE Working at Unilever’;

  1. The Staff Shops – an unbeatable opportunity to buy Unilever products at really, really cheap prices. After 18 months of working here I still haven’t quite moved past the excitement of this and have managed to incorporate ‘Unilever Goody Bags’ as Christmas presents for the last two years (my family are easily pleased). But really, who can say no to Simple Make-Up Remover for better than half price!

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