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My application experience!


Lucy Richardson

Lucy is a  German and Spanish graduate from Cardiff University who has just joined the UFLP scheme in Customer Development. She is currently on her field sales placement (all CD and Marketing graduates complete 6 weeks worth of field sales training) before joining the convenience team. Lucy applied for the scheme in October 2016 and had not done a placement prior to that.

How did you find the process?

The process was tough but taught me a lot about myself.

The online application form is very simple to fill out and is a case of filling out your education and work history (I would have these dates to hand!).

Next you complete the profile assessment and games section, which was surprisingly enjoyable! Unlike other application processes, it’s not about numerical and verbal reasoning, the games were fun and relatively short.

After finishing the games, you are sent your trait report which lists a number of different attributes/skills and where you are on the scale for each of them, for example, planning accuracy. My report was pretty accurate!

The video assessment, for me, was the most difficult. It lasted about 45 minutes and tests your understanding of the FMCG industry, Unilever, our Standards of Leadership but above all else, it assesses whether you have thought about your function and whether you are suitability.

The final stage of the UFLP selection process is the Discovery Centre day. Although this is nerve-racking, it is enjoyable where you spend a day in the life of a Unilever employee at Leatherhead. Putting the excitement of being in Head Office (!) aside, you participate in group tasks, presentations and interviews.

What preparation did you do?

I did a lot of research into Unilever, the brands, the Standards of Leadership, the Sustainable Living Plan and more specifically, into Customer Development within Unilever.  I followed the Unilevergrads instagram and facebook accounts and read lots of the blog articles to gain more insight. Through these platforms you can hear real opinions and viewpoints.

It helped me to write down lots of different potential questions and have a number of examples prepared, from school, university and work (important to have a variety!).

For the games, you can’t really prepare yourself, so just take them one by one and try to enjoy them.

For the discovery centre, try and keep up to date with recent Unilever news and products, and again, just to try to enjoy it.


What would be your piece of advice to someone about to apply?

Before applying, you need to think about what motivates you and what type of role your skills are suited to.

Don’t forget to be yourself, however cliché!

Communicate your passion for the company/role and your understanding of why in your eyes Unilever stands out from other major FMCG companies.


Our UFLP applications opened on the 9th October. You have 5 weeks to submit your application. Please see more application tips on the website on the process and how to prepare.


Advice from HR:

  • The interview questions are timed so use the practice sample questions.
  • Remember to click submit following your responses!
  • Use practice question – volume, speed, pitch, tone, image. Dress well. Check suitable background.

Finally, Good Luck! Try to remain calm and be yourself!lucy-grad

sure Business areas

I want to work on Personal Care!

Hi all! My name is Charlotte and I work across the many deodorant brands in the Personal Care category. Currently I am 4 months into my marketing Industrial Placement and based in Leatherhead, UK.

Within deodorants, Unilever has a diverse and broad portfolio each suited to different lifestyles, demographics and passions. Some of the brands I have assisted on include: Sure, Dove and Lynx.

Today, I am going to give you 3 reasons why Personal Care is a great category to be involved in:

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tim-munden Application Tips

What do our senior leaders have to say?


Tim Munden  – Chief Learning Officer


Please tell us a bit about yourself?

I started in Unilever as a Graduate Trainee in the UK, after having to leave the Army due to an injury. I chose Unilever because of the great training available at the company, and its great values. And it was exactly what I got – a lot of different experiences in very different environments and situations! I have stayed here because of the wide range of things to do, which met my purpose and gave me a variety of opportunities to move around different countries, types of jobs, subject areas.

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Ali Unilever

Why choose Unilever?


Ali Masood

I joined Unilever in 2013 as a Finance UFLP. It has already been four and a half years and the time has just flown by. I studied at LUMS which is the top business school in Pakistan and have passed all 3 CFA exams, eligible for a charter.

My journey at Unilever has been a very fulfilling experience both at a personal and professional level. Professionally, I have done four roles up till now including two as a UFLP in Treasury and CD Finance. Then I worked as Finance business partner for the Hair Care business in Pakistan. And most recently I have been working for the Corporate Strategy Group at 100VE-London for the last one year. Such a well-rounded experience has given me an in-depth understanding of the business from not just a local perspective but also a regional and global perspective.

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cropped-lgoo-1.png Business & Technology Management (BTM)

Our Senior Leaders share the secrets to success!

James Bruce – Executive VP Enterprise Solutions and Information & Analytics

  • Studied Economics at The University of Warwick

James was initially driven by the need to put a roof over his head, coming from a family of small business owners with limited success. His original aim was to work for a large company, gain experience and return the family business to profit.

What has made you stay with Unilever your whole career?

Having not set out with the intention of becoming a ‘lifer’ but new opportunities presented themselves as James excelled in each role he was given. The size of Unilever lends itself to an abundance of opportunity.

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tm Business & Technology Management (BTM)

Function Insight into R&D and TM!

Jana Tian – UFLP R&D


A little bit about me…

Real Careers campaign, we would like to know where you have come from : Studied at Imperial College London, Chemical Engineering (MEng). Originally born in Slovenia with a Chinese heritage. I have previously interned at P&G.

What inspired you to apply?

I know everyone says this, but USLP. I saw the incredible work Unilever did on compressed cans for deodorants, and realised I’d like to be part of a company that cares about its impact on the society.

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final_annika Research & Development

Working for a company with a clear purpose

Unilever’s sustainable corporate philosophy has inspired me from the very beginning. Working for a company with a clear purpose and a lot of great people motivates me every day.

Annika is completing her UFLP in R&D and is motivated by Unilever’s sustainable business ethics.

What I do is what I believe in.

My name is Annika and I joined the Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) as a Research and Development Trainee in March 2016. My trainee programme takes me to many different places, where I can gain experiences in various categories, job roles and functions. Therein, I gain insights in local, regional and global aspect of the company. Besides project management, current examples from my daily routine are tasting sessions or dealing with specifications, which describe e.g. contents of our products, the way they are produced or the final product labels.

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dorena Business areas

Learn skills necessary for your future!

Hi, I am Dorena and I am a Customer Development Trainee at Unilever. I joined the Unilever Future Leaders Programme in September 2016.

What I like most about the Customer Development UFLP is that you get the chance to dive into different areas of the business – including interfaces such as Trade Management or support functions like Category Management. You also have the opportunity to learn more about Brand Building. The majority of the time, however, you will spend in the Key Account Management. This is a key role in our business, making sure that our products are available to our consumers and being the direct and first contact to our trade partners.

My first rotation of the UFLP was in the German e-Commerce department. The role gave me the great opportunity to Read more “Learn skills necessary for your future!”

abbie Business areas

Function insight into Marketing and Finance!

Megan Chadwick – UFLP Marketing

A little bit about me…

I am from a large, working class family in Gloucester (1 of 7 children). I studied Business & Marketing at Oxford Brookes because this offered an IP year. Even though I achieved 1st grade at university I feared I would not get a place on the UFLP because I did not go to a red brick university.

I have always wanted to work in the FMCG industry and spent my Industrial Placement year at GSK.

What inspired you to apply?

I was inspired by the brands and the gigantic selection. Unilever offers the opportunity to work in a global company, but with the ability to move around.

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Picutre of the Unilever office entrance Business areas

An insight into Supply Chain and Customer Development!

Sophie Crompton – UFLP Supply Chain

What inspired you to apply?

I was first introduced to Unilever when my flatmate convinced me to go to a talk at University, like many people I think I knew the brands way before I knew about Unilever.

The presentation was really interesting. The thing that stayed with me most after the presentation and during the recruitment process was that Unilever has brands with a purpose.

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