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Become a line manager while on placement!

Unilever believes in sustainable growth and driving positive change through our business, brands and partners. Our Sustainable Living Plan has 3 main goals:

  • Improve health and well-being for more than 1 billion.
  • Reduce environmental impact by ½.
  • Enhance livelihoods for millions.

While these seem ambitious and rather challenging goals, we can begin our path working locally and making a change in our immediate community. Employees from our Leatherhead office, UK are working in partnership with Epsom Job Centre to develop the skills and opportunities of those involved.

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On the 12th Day of Christmas an IP/UFLP said…

Each year Unilever takes on group of placement students across our various functions and gives them the opportunities to work on some great brands or with our customers on particular accounts. Currently we run several placement schemes, so whether this is for a couple of days on our Spring program, or a longer term summer/industrial placement. Or if you are even thinking for a longer term career on our UFLP scheme, we can find something to suit you and your passions!

As we are now well into the 12 days of Christmas, we thought it was only right to share our 12 pieces of advice from some of our current Industrial Placement students and Unilever’s Future Leaders:

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Learn skills above and beyond the day job!

Within Unilever there is a range of ‘extra-curricular’ activities that employees can get involved in to further develop their skills, network around the business or just have a go at something different!

By running events like ‘I am Founder’, Unilever aims to take things back to basics, and connect with the power of our people. This competition was created off the premise that some great, innovative ideas were being kept in the minds of employees and remained unspoken. Running for the first year, ‘I am Founder’ aimed to create a culture shift that empowered employees to harness a founder mind-set and focus on how Unilever can save money, encouragement to take greater risks and invest more wisely in growth opportunities.

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Our top 3 application tips!

  1. Know yourself

It is important that candidates understand and are able to articulate their own Unique Selling Point (USP). Know what makes you stand out from other candidates and don’t be afraid to share this. Consider your strengths but also be able to identify any areas where you would like to improve. Most importantly, be yourself. Unilever loves people with passion.  If you’re not passionate about the company then maybe Unilever is not the company for you!

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Sebastian Munden (Head of UK&Ireland) reflects on his time…

Behind every great company there are great employees and important leaders who help to steer and drive Unilever in each market. We were lucky enough to be able to sit down with Sebastian Munden (Head of UK&Ireland) to hear his thoughts.

You have been with the company around 30 years now – do you still remember your first day?

“Vividly! I joined Unilever in May 1990, and was assigned to the market research department at Lever Brothers, the homecare company.”

Having found out he would be joining the Marketing Graduate Scheme, Seb seized the opportunity to begin work straight away rather than wait until September.

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My application experience!

Lucy Richardson

Lucy is a  German and Spanish graduate from Cardiff University who has just joined the UFLP scheme in Customer Development. She is currently on her field sales placement (all CD and Marketing graduates complete 6 weeks worth of field sales training) before joining the convenience team. Lucy applied for the scheme in October 2016 and had not done a placement prior to that.

How did you find the process?

The process was tough but taught me a lot about myself.

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I want to work on Personal Care!

Hi all! My name is Charlotte and I work across the many deodorant brands in the Personal Care category. Currently I am 4 months into my marketing Industrial Placement and based in Leatherhead, UK.

Within deodorants, Unilever has a diverse and broad portfolio each suited to different lifestyles, demographics and passions. Some of the brands I have assisted on include: Sure, Dove, Lynx and Impulse.

Today, I am going to give you 3 reasons why Personal Care is a great category to be involved in:

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