6 months down the line: Raji Khaira, Marketing IP

Hi my name is Raji and I am currently an undergraduate placement candidate, in marketing at the wonderful world we call Unilever. I study Business and International relations at Aston University. I have worked in retail as a part time job for many years mostly at phone shops, so I enjoy a good sale and definitely love the evolving world of technology. I am a gym enthusiast and the free gym here at the global office in London is an incredible perk to my job.

My role is extremely exciting and every day is different, one day I may be on a call to the brand manager in India and another day I may be presenting my work to my director. I work for a brand called Brooke Bond Family which you may not have heard of but it covers many tea brands across the globe here at Unilever. If I say PG tips that may ring some bells, if you visited the V festival summer last year you may have seen the PG tips stall and probably enjoyed a free cup of tea to calm you down from all that excitement. In fact I even wrote an article for it for my monthly newsletter team, which is part of the on boarding process for the new candidates who are about to begin this fabulous journey. Here it is below;

Raji- PG Tips selfie


#KeepItTea  “This is so British; it’s raining, we’re at a festival and we all want a cup of tea. You’ve got it spot on” This summer PG Tips created a unique experience for many at V-festival serving over 134,700 cups of the tea we all know and love! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we had the nation’s favourite celebri-TEA at V!

Many took the opportunity to strike a pose and share some fun memories with friends, which of course made great conversation later over a cup of PG! It was all a bit crazy at V but the nation definitely kept it tea!

Having never worked in an office environment before I was quite nervous to begin with but everyone is so lovely and extremely helpful. There have been so many activities I have enjoyed and so many skills I have learnt during my time so far. See below a picture I took at the East India Tea Shop, which was my favourite tea shop, when I went on a tea safari as part of a two day workshop.

Raji- office pic

Being a more creative person my biggest challenge so far has been the financial side of things, creating graphs using excel and analysing data. However I have worked hard to overcome this challenge and I feel so much more confident when approaching finance related tasks, and 6 months down the line I really feel like I have been given so much responsibility and I can add much value to my team. So my top tip would be to face every challenge with determination and believe in yourself! This year is all about learning new things and developing existing skills even further!

There are many more exciting projects forecasted for the year and the extremely dedicated team will be working on getting as many project launches as possible! I enjoy working with all the different functions, not just marketing, I have interaction with finance, R&D and supply chain. In fact I can’t believe that I am already half way through!

Finally after my internship I plan to secure a graduate role and hopefully return to work for Unilever, I think that this is a great company to work for and I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity.

Good Luck and congratulations!


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