My first 3 months as a Customer Replenishment Specialist: Marta Perricone, Supply Chain UFLP

Hello everyone,

After some pushing from my friend Diana, here I am writing a blog post on my experience as a ULFP in Supply Chain!

I joined the scheme in September 2015 and I’m about half way through my first rotation as a Customer Replenishment Specialist for Tesco, Dunnes and Musgrave. Never heard about the last two? Well, that’s because I was lucky enough to be put up in our office in Citywest Dublin!

What happened before this? I was offered a position on the scheme after a year as an IP in the Manufacturing Sustainability team. I was based in Purfleet (our Flora factory) but doing a global project to drive all out manufacturing sites to Zero Non Hazardous Waste to Landfill. I then went back to Bath to graduate in Chemical Engineering, and here I am.

So far, I have loved being a graduate! Dublin has been a lot of fun and I have met other grads (amazing people) based here from other functions and years making it a diverse office and experience.

The other benefit of being in Dublin is the chance to get involved in different activities and across different functions, it being a relatively small office.

I was put in a very fast paced job with direct contact with customers that I have now managed not to find so scary.

The best part has been the training and the chance to travel. Not only I have been to customers’ offices but also had the chance to go back to the UK to meet with the other SC grads to develop our managerial skills. I got to participate to The Gathering in Twickenham with the whole of the Irish office and am now looking forward to going to Rotterdam to meet the other European grads.

I have learnt a lot in this short period of time and definitely looking forward to finding out what the next year has in store for me!


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